Steampunk Hands Around the World: Félix Lobotomy (english version)


Félix is a 23 years old independent fashion designer. He started to get into steampunk when he was 19, though he always liked victorian aesthetics. He is one of the founding members of the chilean steampunk community and since its beginnings has stood out as a creator of unique functional artifacts.
He is an eccentric person, curious and restless, a trademark that he imprints in each of his creations, going beyond the typical brown tones of steampunk clothing and the male stereotypes of the “Victorian Gentleman” or the “Gunslinger”.
His first “artifact” was some kind of monocle made from a piece of old furniture and his most recent one, a robotic spider. Of course, he designs and makes all his clothes. Without a doubt, his works have evolved through the years, embarking each time in projects of greater complexity and eccentricity.

Ucronias: Could you tell us how do you see the Steampunk movement in Chile, considering that you have seen it from the beginning.
Félix: I see the steampunk movement as a second family, it’s like a social thing that has been slowly taking the shape of a community.

U: What are your inspirations?
F: Regarding steampunk, I don’t have inspirators or referents, I don’t like to see other’s work, it makes me feel like an imitator, I prefer to create ideas by myself, sometimes, to have my own vision of steampunk allows me to produce interesting things, but always following the logic of the style.
U: But, do you admire someone in the scene? Someones’s work?
F: Who do I admire? Mmm… maybe the League of S.T.E.A.M.

U: What is your relationship with the steampunk community at the international level? Do you think that the steampunk in Chile is different than in the rest of the world?
F: I don’t have any relation with groups in other countries, sometimes I look what is done in other countries, but nothing else.
A possible difference with the rest of the world is that in a brief time it has become widespread and gained a lot of strength, and that is because of the media that has been used to propagate (internet and events), I remember that in less than a year we were already in the newspaper, and because there is a lot of talent in the group, there is people that have contributed a lot to the group.

U: Tell us about your character.
F: My character is a “Mad scientist”, a bit crazy and eccentric, the machines that he invents try to be innovative and he lacks ethics in his work.

U: Are you currently working in a project or do you plan to start one soon?
F: A while ago I was doing some simple Tesla coils and used them to make weapons or artifacts. Now I want to do a more complex coil, with enough energy to make a plasma ball and give it a shape. I like to combine science with design, and the steampunk gives me the chance to do it.

U: Have you worked or do you plan to work in a group? Do you gain something (in creative terms) by belonging to a steampunk community?
F: Yes, since some weeks ago me and some friends of the community are experimenting with polyester resin, we are learning to build pieces of armor and other accessories with the resin. And yes, it benefits me, to share with others nurtures me at the personal and the artistic level.

U: Outside of the steampunk context, does steampunk influences other aspects of your life?
F: One of the aspects of steampunk that has permeated my life is the do it yourself concept, so I make my own things, my own furniture, some ornaments, my own clothes, for example; anything that is within my reach to make, I do.


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