Making life better through Steampunk

Ever since Ucronias came to be, we decided to have clear objectives to guide us, and they are two: give value to heritage sites and promote reading, which we have worked in the context of the reality of our country. Chile is a country where many historical buildings are not preserved and its leisure reading rate is very low.
We don’t conceive steampunk without it being an option with an impact on our lives. How does steampunk make a better world? By motivating us. When we started with the (photo)graphic novels, many persons approached us, surprised by our “fantastic” characters portrayed in common places around the city, to ask us “is this in Chile?”.
With Ucronias we want to provoke from an artistic space to elicit questioning, we want to tackle issues we think are important. So, steampunk turns into a “fantasy” space in direct confrontation with our reality and transforms into action.
This year, taking a step further, we started the campaign #1000carasporelpatrimonio (a thousand faces for heritage sites) that aims to make visible the state of neglect of our architectural heritage; to that end, we made an intervention this past February 20th, from which we are sharing some photos.
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