Steampunk as a meeting space for creation

This is our second post for the Steampunk Hands Around the World event. The theme for this year is “Making Life Better.” We liked it a lot because it gave us many ideas, but we decided to focus only on two. We already presented Steampunk as a motor for action, now we want to follow with Steampunk as a space for creation.

Ucronias was born from the restlessness of two lovers of steampunk, with a desire to create, and in the local community they met other creative and talented people. How did Steampunk made life better for us? By allowing us to meet the right people. It is an almost inherent characteristic of those who like steampunk to be creative and eager to create from different perspectives: writing, photographing, making artifacts, doing makeup or interpreting characters. We decided to mix all that. Our love for steampunk is in part a curiousness that compels us to create and is one of the characteristics that define Ucronias.

To celebrate a new version of Steampunk Hands Around the World, we are releasing a new space for creation: Reading Sessions. We start with a book that everyone of us loves, including all the imaginarium that has been created around it: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

We hope that you like our work.



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